About us

KinCony Electronics Co., Ltd. founded in 2007, KinCony is an early Internet of things manufacturer in China. KinCony is dedicated to manufacturing and designing high-quality Internet of things products because of its dream and love. The smart controller products designed by KinCony can be applied to various use scenarios.

Xu Wei — the founder, loved science and electronic technology since childhood. Major in Computer Science and Technology , Zhejiang University. Young Technological Innovator prize in 2015. Special Teacher of Hangzhou Normal University. In 2003, began to research and development of automatic control technology, focusing on smart control hardware and software for more then 10 years. Designed KinCony’s KC868 Smart System, Write the software code of KC868 smart controller. Up to now, he has obtained a number of technical patents in the industry, published more than 100 articles in Internet of Things and intelligent related magazines and journals, and published widely used as teaching books in Colleges and universities.

Unlike other manufacturers, KinCony does not invest a huge amount of money in marketing, but almost all its profits are invested in product development and customer service. We believe that product is important to win the reputation of consumers, not on advertising marketing to open up the market. For KinCony, the product is the first, the user is the first, and everything else is the second.

KinCony focuses on and pursues for a long time because of its dream, which will surely bring unparalleled dream of products. It is bound to build a world-class brand and bring you the ultimate products beyond the imagination.

We hope that friends all over the world will like our products and be satisfied with our services. Thanks!

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