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4CH Smart Electrical Distribution Panel (Tuya + Home Assistant)

4CH Smart Electrical Distribution Panel (Tuya + Home Assistant)

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smart electrical distribution panel use Tuya phone application remote control by internet, if add SIM7600 4G module, support use Tuya app by 4G SIM card. It also support control relay by SMS or telephone call by 4G. smart electrical distribution panel support multi protocol: MQTT, HTTP, TCP, RS485 modbus. It can use home assitant software and Tuya mobile phone app at the same time, easy use to home automation DIY project or IoT project.

smart electrical distribution panelelectrical distribution panel

smart electrical distribution panel schematic

1. size:40cm*30cm*15cm
2. weigh:6kg

Parts list:
1. KC868-A4S controller:1pc
2. DC12v 4.5A power supply:1pc
3. KinCony 1 phase 25A AC contactor:4pcs
4. 1 phase 63A breaker:1pc
5. 1 phase 16A breaker:4pcs

1. with metal box
2. remote control relay by internet (use Tuya app)
3. remote control relay by SMS, telephone call via SIM card
4. remote monitor temperature & humidity (need contact with sensor)
5. support local IFTTT command
6. support integrate to home assistant software
7. support tasmota open source firmware
8. support tasmota MATTER protocol firmware
9. support write arduino IDE source code by yourself.

KC868-A4S schematic:
ESP32 I/O pin define:
config yaml file for ESPHome:
tasmota firmware:
arduino demo source code:
KCS v2 firmware online guide:
KCS v2 function explanation video tour:
more details you can see our YouTube channel video tour

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