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Human Presence Sensor

Human Presence Sensor

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explanatory note:
​ 1. Detection distance refers to the longest distance of the sensor from the straight line that can detect the movement, micromovement and breathing target, and the maximum diameter or radius not mapping to the ground. 
​2. The distance is non-absolute distance, the sensor detection has a distance resolution, the
​resolution is about 1m. If 3m is set, it is normal to trigger in the ± 1m interval at the 3m
​3. The distance value is mainly used as filter glass partition, gypsum board and wood partition, and is not strictly used as the detection area. If 3m is set, there may be missing report and false touch at 3m position ± 1m.0.5s~25 min; it is recommended not to be less than 15 seconds, too small and easy to miss the
​report explanatory note: This delay indicates: 1. The sensor triggers the time to leave; 2. The sensor triggers within the delay time and continues to extend.3. In the observation window of the sensor, the longer the delay, the smaller the probability of sensor omission, and the respiratory detection delay is not
​less than 60s. Test: It is recommended to set the delay of 5s & 10s to avoid the long waiting time.

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