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KC868-A256 ESP32 Arduino 256 Channel IO Module

KC868-A256 ESP32 Arduino 256 Channel IO Module

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we have design this ESP32 Arduino GPIOs board (KC868-A256) for home assistant. It use by ESP32-WROOM-32E, 256CH digial input ports + 256CH MOSFET output ports + 4CH analog input ports + RS485 + Ethernet. The output design by 74HC595 chip. The input design by 74HC165 chip. You can write your own arduino source code for home automation DIY. You can also integrate to home assistant by ESPHome.

Product features:
1. Hardware open source, install on DIN RAIL
2. Made for ESPHome work with home assistant
3. Support arduino IDE / MicroPython / ESP-IDF program tool

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