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KC868-E8T ESP32 Tuya 4G Energy Meter Relay Module

KC868-E8T ESP32 Tuya 4G Energy Meter Relay Module

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We have designed KC868-E8T with Tuya module , 4G LTE module (4g energy) and ESP32, the 8 channel removable relay board.

You can integrate KC868-E8T to home assistant by ESPHome use follow resource:

a. 8 relay relay, 8 channel digital input for switch panel. 4 channel AC220V energy meter (BL0939 energy chip) for load's voltage, current, power, power consumption. DS18B20 temperature sensor.

b. support use Tuya mobile phone application remote control 8 relay by internet , monitor 4 channel load's energy meter and temperature by DS18B20 sensor.

c. support use SIM card send SMS to control 8 channel relay.

d. support use 433MHz wireless RF remoter to learn code and control 8 channel relay.

KC868-E8T also is open source. you can download schematic diagram from KinCony's webpage and ardunio IDE demo source code for this board use by Tuya IoT platform.

Product features:
1. Hardware open source, install on DIN RAIL
2. Made for ESPHome work with home assistant
3. Support arduino IDE / MicroPython / ESP-IDF program tool
4. Support KinCony KCS firmware use by web service
5. Support HTTP, MQTT, TCP, RS485 modbus protocol, Tuya app

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