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KinCony IoT

KinCony ATF ESP32 SD card module

KinCony ATF ESP32 SD card module

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We have designed ESP32 SD card module - ATF. it can record data save file to SD card. It need you write arduino code. for example, you can receiver serial data write LOG file to SD card. You can read digital input sensor or temperature humidity sensor write to SD card. it's easy integrate to home assistant by ESPHome. ATF design for home automation DIYer. The hardware use by ESP32-D0WD-V3 / QFN-48-EP(5×5) chip, support ESPHome / arduino IDE / MicoPython.

esp32 sd card module esp32 sd card

PCB size: 50mm*30mm

esp32 sd card module

esp32 tf card

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ESP32 I/O pin define:
config yaml file for ESPHome:
arduino demo source code:

this is sample work by ESPHome web service:

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