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KinCony IoT

KinCony DI8 i2c io expander input board

KinCony DI8 i2c io expander input board

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KinCony DI8 is PCF8574 IO Expansion i2c relay board. extend 8 channel digital input port (with optocoupler isolation circuit).  digital input support use by dry contact signal. 8 LEDs show INPUT state on PCB.  A0,A1,A2 PCF8574 i2c address can set by DIP switch. DI8 support install on DIN RAIL.

it's open source board. here is schematic for DI8

it support integrate to home assistant by ESPHome. here is yaml file for ESPHome.

here is arduino demo source code for PCF8574 digital input

i2c input expander

Power supply: DC 9-24V

PCB size: 90mm*50mm

Digital input : 0V OR power voltage OR dry contact

A0,A1,A2 DIP switch set for PCF8574 i2c address.pcf8574 io expansion module
pcf8574 i2c io board
pcf8574 i/o expansion

LEDs on PCB for every digital input state.
I2C I/O Expansion Module
pcf8574 i2c module

support install on DIN RAIL
pcf8574 i2c adapter

all terminal is removable.
pcf8574 input expander
i2c io expander
i2c digital input board

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