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KinCony IoT

KinCony ESP32 Tuya IoT adapter

KinCony ESP32 Tuya IoT adapter

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KinCony ESP32 Tuya IoT adapter let relay board or IoT devices easy integrate to tuya IoT platform. We have designed by ESP32 work with Tuya module. Tuya module will connect with Tuya cloud server, when using tuya phone app, message will send to tuya wifi module and decode by ESP32. ESP32 support use arduino IDE to write code, get the tuya message and send any command to RS232 or RS485 or network device. it's a good convert tool for smart home automation DIY.

adapter support to use "Tuya MCU SDK Arduino Library"

KC868-H32B,KC868-H32BS .... HxB series smart controller will be easy support TUYA phone application, alexa and google home voice control function.

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