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RC Absorption Snubber Circuit Module

RC Absorption Snubber Circuit Module

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RC absorption snubber circuit module used on protecting the relay or thyristor because it can avoid damage that from inductive electromotive force generated by the inductive load when on or off. Preventing electromagnetic interference and increasing the anti-jamming capability of the microcontroller.

For AC or DC 5 ~ 400V inductive load (less than 1000W), protection relay contacts or thyristor.

RC absorption circuit,absorb induced electromotive force that from inductive load.

With varistor, to prevent excessive fluctuations in voltage or current is too large and resulting in relay contact adhesion.

To provide anti-interference ability of the circuit.

Removable terminals that make wiring become more convenient.

Instructions for use: This module is suitable for circuits containing inductive loads and switching devices such as relays and thyristors. When used, the two connectors of the module connect to two contacts of the relay, or parallel with the thyristor, to avoid induced electromotive force damage the relay or thyristor.

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